Prepared tubes

Talbot Frameworks is a collaboration between the owner of Blue Door Bicycles, David Hibbs (formerly Central cycles) and frame builder Matt McDonough.

Frames have been built at this location since the 1940′s by the Talbot family. The Talbots ran the shop until 2011, when it passed into David’s hands.


David met Matt when he undertook a mechanic’s training training course with Matt as his instructor. At this stage Matt was building and repairing frames recreationally for friends and family, building up the skills and expertise required to build frames to a professional level. They stayed in contact, and when Matt left teaching to look after his new-born daughter, a plan was hatched to re-start frame building at Blue Door Bicycles.

Matt at work

Frame building re-started in earnest at the beginning of March 2013, and frames have been leaving the workshop at the rate of roughly one a week since then.