Dalsnibba is the name of a mountain that overlooks the town of Gerainger in Norway.

An annual duathlon takes place here, from the shore of the fjord around which Gerainger is built to the summit of Dalsnibba itself.

The twisting route is 13 miles long, and climbs 5,000 feet through an area of outstanding natural beauty.

Those lucky enough to compete first ride to the top of Dalsnibba, then descend to the shore of the fjord, transition, and run back up to the summit.

The bike that takes its name from this event has been designed to help the rider as much as possible – the tubeset has been carefully optimised to provide light weight with precisely tailored stiffness where it counts.

Combining custom drawn 853 tubing from Reynolds, Columbus MAX and Paragon Machine Works results in a frame that flatters the rider, turning every effort into forward momentum whilst also providing a remarkable level of comfort that is the hallmark of a quality steel frame.

The heavily profiled, custom swaged and formed tubing is expertly fillet brazed at the Talbot Frameworks in London’s famous Crystal Palace.

The Dalsnibba is available in both mechanical and electronic groupset configurations, and if UCI compliance is not required may also be specified with disc brakes.

The geometry options are at 1cm increments from 48 through to 62cm, all frames are based on using an ENVE Composites tapered steerer fork.

Dalsnibba Models

The tube selection is constant throughout the Dalsnibba model range but the cable routing changes based on the groupset selection.

Please contact Matt to discuss which model would be best for you.