Talbot Frameworks wins at Bespoked

TaSteve Worland prizelbot Frameworks won the Steve Worland prize for most innovative design at the 2014 Bespoked show, fighting off some stiff competition from the UK’s best and most creative bicycle companies.

The award was won for Talbot Frameworks use of conductive paint (powdered silver in ethyl acetate) to carry the signalling for the Dura Ace 7970 Di2 electronic groupset.

Normally the signalling is carried in conventional wires, in general concealed within the frametubes.

Talbot Frameworks is continuing to develop the conductive paint (dubbed the Tesla Paint system), and has moved onto a prototype for the second generation, two wire Di2 system.

This will be available as an option on all multi-geared frames from mid-summer onward- please contact Matt if you’d like to discuss this for your new bike.