How much does a frame cost?

Frames start from £1650, including paint. To get a good idea of price the best thing to do is to get in touch via the website, or give us a call on 020 8670 9767.

Your wishbone stays look very thin, are they safe?


The seat stays on a bicycle are under a surprisingly little amount of stress, as is helpfully explained in this article. I’ve been happy to ride my skinny wishboned frame off-road while carrying a child & towing a dog.
However the skinny stays aren’t used on all our bikes, as people and useage vary. As we carry no stock models, all tubes are chosen so the customer gets exactly the right bike for them and their riding style.

Can I intern for you?

I wouldn’t, frame building (and the bicycle trade in general) is a terrible industry, you should go and get a proper job. Also, we are unfortunately at maximum capacity, both machinery and humanwise in our current workshop, so it’s just not practical. However, we will happily respond to emails, and can recommend the Bicycle Academy if you want to build your own frame.

What tubing do you use?

We very rarely use one single tubeset on a frame, as we don’t find that one single set offers everything we want. As an example, on a all seasons build we may use a Columbus max top tube as it gives a great mating area at both the head tube and seat tube, Reynolds 853 down tube as it has a reasonable wall thickness to resist denting whilst still being reasonably light, Deda chainstays as they are profiled in such a way as to allow us to maintain good clearance for both tyres and cranks and chainrings, and custom drawn and formed T45 stays for our hooped wishbone, again giving great clearance and keeping weight down. BB shell and headtube, as well as most braze ons are normally sourced from PMW as they tend to be the best available.

Do you do bike fits?

We don’t offer bike fits on site, as we simply do not have the space, and having worked with the best in the business, don’t think we could do a better job than them. We strongly recommend, and often work with Scherrit Knoesen AKA The Bike Whisperer, as well as Cycle Fit, who are based in central London. We can introduce you to, and arrange meetings with a fitter who will be suitable for you during the consultation period.