Talbot on Bloomberg

Talbot Frameworks is on Bloomberg. Nice little feature with us, as well as a number of other London based frame builders. Click through for many more photos, and even a video which includes me saying I do it for the love not the money. Which isn’t true, I love money.




Talbot at Rapha supercross.

Our friend Howard went and raced at the Rapha Supercross event last weekend. First race ended with a burst tub, which is impressive in itself. Second race went really well, and he finished mid-table. Always nice to see your bikes being ragged around.



We also paint things for other people

Sometimes we paint bikes for other framebuilding friends. A good example is this Explorateur for our friends Max and Kadir. The inspiration was Max’s old Klien, but with a more modern, subtler fade. Being colour blind, I always have to double check with others before starting schemes, but I think this came out alright.




As above, we have designed a fork which pays homage to the awesome BMW Gangsta Mk1 fork (of which I had one, glow in the dark no less), but has some Talbot touches.

We will be using true aerofoil tubing, and having the crowns cut from 304 stainless, using fricking lazerz! First batch should be rolling out next month.

aero fork final

Hollibags with dog and children

Have been on holiday with children and dog recently. We often get asked about how strong the wishbone rear ends we often use are, and whether than can withstand heavier riders or luggage. I have now put in around 1000 miles with our skinniest diameter. thinnest wall thickness wishbone, almost all of this with both a child and myself plus 10-15kg of luggage, and  can say catagorically that the bike has not caught on fire once. Or bent. Or wobbled dangerously under load at speed. So there you go!

This is also likely to be the last outing for my elodest daughters balance bike, she has outgrown it, and is demanding pedals.